Born, turned on the computer and started programming. BSc in Computer Physics from the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, but the last 20 years have been spent programming on the JVM. Big fan of new technologies and the use of good old mathematics in modern enterprise IT. Private worshipper of the God Machine, fan of w40k, gamer and father of Gork (or Mork) and World Eater.

Where you can find me:


Some of my talks

Beginning functional programming

Old one about FP

Co nowego w Streamach w Javie 9

Few words about java 9 features.

COBOL – Bardziej legacy się nie da

Talk about history o COBOL and how to deal with it.


Monolit? Mikroserwisy? A czy to ważne? [PL]/[EN]

Talk about picking architecture and why it is no so important.

CQRS i jego optymalizacja [PL]

Talk about how we migrate big data set using CQRS.


Testy jednostkowe na pełnym wypasie

More about mutation tests, property based testing, and how tu write good tests.


Wprowadzenie do R2DBC [PL]

Talk about R2DBC and using it in one project with JPA and Spring Boot.


Kilka nietypowych komponentów [PL]

Uncommon computer parts and history.


ID, Ego, Super-ego [PL]/[EN]

Uncommon computer parts and history.